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9 July 2021: Friday afternoon

So, while browsing this morning I noticed a Pep-Piece link that populated on You-Tube's home page about a dog that was found, "unrecognizable" and how people had found it, and that with their help it had a "happy ending" and all that, happy for the dog? Can dogs be happy? I'm sure the poor fellow was better off, but how do we know it's happy? Isn't being 'happy' a human thing?

What I can't comprehend is how that is a story people want to see as opposed to stories about people, who are found unrecognizable (there are MANY out there) and how they are brought back to a livable standard and happy ending and all that.

Dog's don't contain souls that need to be saved, people believe animals have souls, I'm not here to argue that, they are created by the same God who made me so why that would not be possible I cannot fathom, however, the purpose of mankind is not to save dogs but other fellow human beings, who are quite lost, helped back on their way.

I think lately because of the godless lawlessness that's been running rampant lately people generally have a disdain for the human race, and to that I could agree, it's what happens when justice is not met out.

Interestingly this is where we as a people are having trouble, we can't seem to define what "justice" is, and therefore can't carry it out.

The human heart is a perplexing thing, most people don't know what a solipsist is, but in the way they assert their opinions and the manner they do in such fashion as to lead their imagined audience that "everyone else should think the way I do" which is a cowardly way of living, to present one's beliefs in a shade-of-gray manner as to somehow attempt to gain the approval of the imagined audience, where the solipsism comes into play is thinking that there should only be one perspective on any given subject, and that anyone with an unpopular opinion should be shamed out of that opinion by fear. That is the group mentality that put Jesus Christ on the cross, yes... it is. Everyone has a 'truth perspective' and they can present their 'truth' in an open forum but in no way have the right to insist anyone agree with it, because it's theirs alone! There is one universal truth though, God's truth and finding that should be everyone's business.