Moeller Game Developement 2014
Games developed since 2006 using the GML object development language platform.
Ever since I figured out how to program the Apple II computer in 1983 while attending high school in
Bloomfield Nebraska, I've been bringing game ideas to life. I've developed games on all kinds of electronic
means, computers, multi-logic chip electronic gadgets, home made hand held microprocessor based
"game-boxes". Even attempts were made at developing games using simply Java Script, hand written code
embedded in HTML documents. Using the Java Script method I developed about 10 complete playable
games, some of which I still play from time to time!

I'm a bit different then most folks, I love a good game, but I would rather make them then play them, I guess
that would make me sort of a control-freak by nature.

Anyway, posted on this page are several games I've made over the past few years using the Game-Maker
program, which you to can download, it's free-ware and was developed by a software instructor for the
purpose of teaching program concepts to his students. A full featured version is available for purchase for
about $30.00 (US), but interestingly, the free version will have you making games in no time with no
noticeable loss to the quality of your game. Give it a try!

Car Towns
This game was an experiment with several programing tecniques from rotating objects to
auto-mated area development objects. It's fun to watch the program open each level in this game
and toss out "plant bombs" and "town bombs" and see the areas grow like frost on a frozin window
pane. Using your mouse pointer you guide a little man to a little car, he hops in and then the car
follows the mouse pointer to where ever your destiny in each particular level happens to be!
Two major parts to the game: BOTs dot repair
man, you drive over all the dots and return to
your boss who either says "yer done!" or not.

The second part of the game: You are a pizza
delivery man, given a certain number of pizzas
you must find your hungry customers and
deliver pizzas to them!

This game was an experiment with the psudo-3D Role Plaing Game concept. It's like Zelda, or
other games like that. You are a little guy figuring out the area, entering castles and beating
bosses, etc. This game I've made of this type. Contained in the ZIP file is also a 1/2 way through
the game players guide, it will get you started and give you tips and pointers! Lots of fun!
The Odd Adventure
This game has about 8 EXE files that make it up, load
all the files into their own directory on the C drive and
execute the ODD_ADVENTURE file only. The others
just won't run, they are components of the main game.
Read the READ-ME text file for further info.

NOTE: This game is better with a PC game controller!

This game is a re-development of a game made by me in Java Script. The original Java Script
game still is available, email me if you are interested. Fly by the seat of your pants and keep the
invading enemy army from destroying your city! The graphic depictions of objects flying here and
there are hylarious! A good laugh. Good music too.
Air Attack II
This game can be played many
ways, keyboard, mouse and
game controller, I am a big
supporter of the PC (USB
connected) game controllers,
they are $20 and worth every

NOTE: This game is better with
a PC game controller!

This game is a puzzle-adventure type game, where you control a little man to move around in
gravity oriented rooms, he has to hop from place to place using objects he finds, keys to open
doors, switches to activate walk ways, and paths, the game has almost 50 levels, each with their
own special challenge! Very fun, includes 15 training levels to teach you how to play!
Dude Man
This game is played using the
PC keyboard only.

No, this is not a game about turtles with gas. I developed this game with my kids help, the name
was chosen by them as well. It's concept was obtained from a game called Merka Chase (on line)
and all the other creativity was ours entriely. It is a cutsie kid oriented game where two can play by
controling little turtles collecting colorful spheres and avoiding traps and baddies!
Turtle Bubbles
This game can be played several ways:

1 player with keyboard or PC game controller,
2 players with keyboard or PC game controller.

NOTE: This game is better with a PC game controller!

This game is based on a game I developed back in the early 1980s on a TRS-80 Model 100, one
of the earliest forms of laptop computers there is. The language I used was 68E08, I believe, it
used a very odd mechanism of refering to Z-Page ram for indexing for single byte address
execution that was very frustrating. Then I made a version on a hand held programable device I
The Searcher III
called "The Game Box" and it's processor was a
Motorola 6502 running at a blazing 1 Mhz! If you care
to see this thing, there are some photos contained in
the game itself.

This game is played by keyboard only! It is
password oriented for game progress. Lots of fun!

Pickle Packers
Okay, so I don't know how to spell Pickles!! Gime a break! This game was designed with the
competition in mind. It really can't be played with any kind of fun unless you have a fellow
competitor to steal pickels from! Two goofy little guys hop from place to place grabbing pickels
and droping them into their own respective jars, as the jars get full, the levels rotate.
Pretty simple concept, each level has different
challenges, gophers who eat your pickels, hot
peppas that burn up pickels (when placed into a jar,
great for making your opponent mad!) You can even
toss pickels as weapons to hit gophers or your

This game requires two PC game controllers for any
kind of playing.

Zid Kid
Wow, programers do get bored too. This game really has no purpose. It's kinda dumb and
sensless. But at the same time, simplicity is sometimes beauty, don't you agree?
This game, with each level, gets more complicated. New features, traps & tricks become the
primary element of completion to each level. It is a work in progress but I decided to put it up for
your examination. Hope you enjoy it's utter uselessness. : )
Your little man moves through each level by
collecting these useless objects, sometimes
affectionately referred to as "orbs".

This game is played by using the keyboard only.