I was Born in Frankfort Germany in 1966, there I spent the first
two years of my life, seeing the wonders of this little town near
Frankfurt through my window, horses & carriages. People
scuttling to and fro doing what ever they were doing.
Then coming to America and living in Southern California being
raised in Rialto, having heard bagpipes for the first time in a
parade wondered at the mysterious sound that eminated from
them, I was amazed at the beautiful and ornate uniforms the
pipers were wearing, it was difficult for my young eyes to
determine where the music was coming from, as their
instruments were not easily seen among all the decorations.
Then, long forgotten, those days of mystery, I became a
responsible adult and did all those responsible things adults do,
families, mortgages, bills, etc. But one day decided with money
left over from a wind-fall to get somthing really unusual, a set of
bagpipes! And soon after buying them learned that I didn't know
how to play and began my piping journey with the aid of another
piper of repute named Matt Nonemacher...
And so my story begins....