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Steve playing: Small Air
Steve playing: Sleep Dearie Sleep
Steve playing: JIG: The Judges Dilema
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Steve playing: The Red Hand in
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A word about Piobaireachd (pronounced Pee
Brock): These tunes are not often understood
by the casual visitor to Scottish music, they
are story tunes, often lamenting a great
person or a terrible event in history. They
have a near-predictable structure of GROUND,
The Story of a father who tries to settle a
dispute between his sons about who will
inherit the land. He tries to resolve it with
a boat race between the sons, telling them
who ever reaches the shore and touches the
land first inherits the land.

So, the first 3 musical parts, Ground and 2
variations, are the conflict between the
sons and the father's attempt to resolve it.

The next 4 musical parts are the race itself,
the paddling of the boats can be heard in
the tempo of the tune. Faster and faster the
race goes on, all 3 sons are very fast and
equally suited for this race, until...

The one son, I'm not sure which one, cuts
off his hand and throws it to shore, in order
to beat out his other brothers.

Stunned the father runs to the shore where
his son's hand lays, and picks it up and in
utter sadness and guilt cradles it in his
arms, thus beginning the final phase of the
tune, the lament.
These are recordings that show extreem examples and unless noted are not my playing.
Favorite Bagpipe Recordings:
Examples of bagpipe tunes in other music. I was amazed at how it turns out a
lot of pipe-tunes are also favorite folk tunes, here are some examples:
The Mist Covered Mountains: Sung
The Mist Covered Mountains: Pipes
Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon: Celtic Harp
Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon: Pipes
Steve playing: Slow Air
& 6/8 March
This tune won me
a GOLD MEDAL, first
place for GRADE III
at The Costa Mesa
Highland Games,
AKA Scots Fest.
Small Pipes: "Minuete"
By Al Clark, ISA Music
Small Pipes:
Leaving Lismore &
Tiree Bridal Song
Small Pipes:
Air March Jig Set
Small Pipes:
Heather Grant of
Small Pipes:
Ye Banks & Bres of
Bonnie Doon
Small Pipes: Key-of-D
The Judges dilemma.
Blair Digital Bagpipe
March Air Hornpipe.