The College of Piping...
Chalana Sarver, Mike Parsons, Dwane Crest & Me.
Mid-Level class at the COP, lead by the
prestigious instructor: Bruce Hitchings.
The College of Piping, an officially
recognized Summer School by the
Scottish Bagpiping Schools, takes place
in beautiful Carlsbad, California the 3rd
week in June each year. The principal,
Dugald MacNeill former Principal and
Edinburgh class, coordinates and
establishes a studious environment
where serious pipers can learn their
instrument in a dedicated 24 hour a day
condition for 7 days, making it highly
effective for mastering the playing of the
Great Highland Bagpipe.
Many nights at the COP I found myself
like this... The study was intense...
A sheet of bagpipe music, Murdo MacKenzie of
Sometimes with friends...
And sometimes alone...
Piping for the community at such events as
the Rim of the World High School senior
class each year, and the Jeremiah MacKay
memorial fund raiser and commissioning at
Lake Arrowhead.
Bands and competitions...
The "Dark Isle Pipe Band"....
Snowline Orchards
"Apple & Thistle" music
UCR Pipe Band, at the Costa Mesa
Highland Games, 2014.
Because Zach is blind, he sees with his hands, and at the
time was learning the bagpipe, so he "watched" all playing
Vista Highland Games 2013 Agrigate
Champion for Grade 4 piper...
Fun at the San Diego Highland Games June 24th - 26th 2016...
The lead piper of this prolific celtic-rock band is Chelsea
Wells, a very talented musican I've known since 2007 back
when I first started playing... She won the coveted Silver
Chanter award that year at the College of Piping in Carlsbad
3rd place Grade 3
Happy to hear I won third place
in Grade 3 Piobaireached, my
tune was A Flame of Wrath for
Squinting Patrick - Thank you Ian
& Andrew!
Nelson Thompson
Steve Moeller
Shirley Allen
Having fun after performing in our own individual competitions.
Professor Nelson competes Grade 4, and stood before the judge
playing his bagpipe for the 6/8 march and 2/4 march competitions.

Shriley Allen is a multi-instrument talented musician, who plays
scottish snare and the Great Highland Bagpipe, her first piping solo
competition was today at the SDHG 2016, and she won 4th in
Piobaireachd, playing "The Men Went to Drink"
Nelson's Coral...
Nelson always tells me "It's
sometimes hard pulling off
all that technique when
you're playing with hands
made of coral..."
Static Charge!
I didn't see this at
first when I took
the photo, but
Nelson's hair got
zapped when he
took his hat off..

This fellow on the left custom made his
glasses, he called his styliazation
"Steam Punk"....
Taking a break at the "House of
Scotland" band tent... Thanks guys!